Texas Art House | 2019 Exhibitions – Unconstraint with Caroline Wright & Steve Reynolds
Texas Art House is a contemporary gallery in the heart of the Texas Hill Country dedicated to supporting artists with strong ties to the region and celebrating Texas culture.
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2019 Exhibitions – Unconstraint with Caroline Wright & Steve Reynolds



DECEMBER 1 2018 – JANUARY 20 2019

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, December 1, 5-7 pm
Artist Talk at 6 pm

An Interactive Performance by Caroline Wright at 6 pm
Saturday, December 29 from 4-8 pm

About the Exhibition

I discovered Caroline Wright’s work when she made four etchings at Flatbed Press in 2012. She exhibited an aesthetic confidence that was unusual for a young artist. Her line etchings, enhanced by painterly spit-bite aquatinting, were simultaneously energetic and poetic.

Years later—in about 2017—I saw some of her paintings in person. They were botanically based, but she pushed them toward a colorful abstraction that was a rare mixture of figurative and expressionistic. It had vitality and spirit. Then, in a 2018 visit to her Austin studio, I discovered her new series of paintings on paper. They had the same vibrant intensity as her flower-based work, but she had embedded it into a soft sunrise of minimalism. Those are the ones that confirmed this exhibition of her work.

Then I saw some work that seemed like it should be shown with Caroline’s work. It had a parallel soulfulness, and yet, was perpendicular to her work in a positive way. Occasionally, one encounters some previously unseen art, and it immediately speaks to one’s heart. That’s what happened when Catherine Lee introduced me to the late Steve Reynolds’ work (1940-2007). In the catalogue of the large traveling exhibition of his work that she curated in 2011, I saw a huge collection of a very prolific artist. But it was his small white porcelain pieces that seemed just right to combine with Wright’s subtly colorful works.

Both of these artists—one who had a long, distinguished career and one who is early in her already very impressive career—have significant bodies of work. This exhibition displays only a portrait of what they have produced. But hopefully, it truly represents the nuanced depths of their work. And perhaps their presence in one room will be a collaboration that allows them to sing together with mutual admiration.

About the Artists

Caroline Wright is a painter, printmaker, dancer, and singer who lives and works in Austin. In her paintings on cloth and paper, she has explored a uniquely creative abstraction of botanical forms. At Arthouse, she will be exhibiting her new minimal paintings. Caroline graduated from Brown University, then helped establish an artists’ collective and creative project in the Belleville district of Paris, France, working there for several years. She returned to the U.S. and earned her MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. Recently, Caroline did an artist residency in Abiquiú, New Mexico. She is represented by Martine Chaisson Gallery in New Orleans, where she exhibited her “Backyard Love” show this August.

The late Steve Reynolds (1940-2007) was a distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas – San Antonio 1978-2005. Working in ceramics and mixed media, he created and exhibited internationally a body of work that includes sculpture, collage, painting, mixed-media, and installation. The recipient of numerous awards from the university and from the National Council of Education for Ceramic Arts, he attended artist residencies in Michigan, Australia, Hungary, and Norway. In 1995, he was awarded an artist residency at the Porsgrund Porcelain Factory in Porsgrund, Norway, where he created several of the works on exhibit at Arthouse. Steve’s widow Daphne manages his inventory and has helped coordinate this exhibition of a selection of his work. In 2011, Catherine Lee curated this exhibition at UTSA: “Steve Reynolds: Serial Investigation in Sculpture,” with an accompanying color catalogue. The show then traveled to Texas A&M in Corpus Christi.