Texas Art House | Catherine Lee
Texas Art House is a contemporary gallery in the heart of the Texas Hill Country dedicated to supporting artists with strong ties to the region and celebrating Texas culture.
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Catherine Lee



quantum |ˈkwäntəm|
noun (pl. quanta |-tə| )
1 Physics a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

I thought once when I was very young that it was impossible to say anything at all and get it right. So why speak? In a way, it’s still like that, but I have found another voice, a voice without words, in the visual arts. I still think that you can’t get it right in just one go – but life is hardly ever just one go. It’s a litany of hours and days, of years, of leaves on trees, of seasons, of voices, of friends, of breath, of pain, of joy. So repetition to me is crucial in revealing the heart of a thing. I love that you can sing the same song over and over and it will be different each time and yet still the same. I’ve always thought and worked serially, even when I was very young, and have always felt a compelling need to repeat ideas and forms, searching for a deeper understanding of each form, each idea. Multiplicity permits the miraculous. The cumulative power of that which is repeatable, and worth repeating, can be like the power of waves breaking on a beach. This series of paintings, the Quanta works, celebrate recurrence and differentiation in equal measure.

For background, in physics, a ‘quantum’ is a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation – for instance, a particle of light (also known as a photon). Similarly, each mark within a square is a quantum of paint, of markmaking, of thought, of motion. I use the plural form, quanta, to describe the totality of these paintings: a myriad of quantum. The grid is their limitation and their liberation, both, because you can only have poetic expression when there is a structure – even if it is your own structure – to move against. Otherwise you are just free falling.

-Catherine Lee


CV (upon request)


Catherine Lee "a delay of embers (quanta #35)" 30 x 30 oil on canvas 2012
Catherine Lee "a delay of embers (quanta #35)" 30 x 30 oil on canvas 2012
Catherine Lee "sandan" 72x72 oil on canvas 1980
Catherine Lee "sandan" 72x72 oil on canvas 1980
Catherine Lee "stacking" 72 x 72 oil on canvas 1980
Catherine Lee "stacking" 72 x 72 oil on canvas 1980
Catherine Lee black white 60 x 60 1976 oil on canvas
Catherine Lee. BLACK WHITE. 1979. 60 x 60. Oil on canvas.
Catherine Lee quanta41 zinc redux 30 x 30
Catherine Lee. LE ZINC REDUX. Quanta 41. 2012. 30 x 30. Oil on canvas.
Catherine Lee violette 20 x 20 2016
Catherine Lee. VIOLETTE. Quanta 76. 2016. 20 x 20. Oil on canvas.
Catherine Lee sea foam 20 x 20 painting oil
Catherine Lee. SEA FOAM. Quanta 74. 2016. 20 x 20. Oil on canvas.